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The Œnoflair collection

The concept

Œnoflair is a collection of 152 wine odours in small vials. Note that the word “odour” is used in its positive sense as the property that gives a characteristic scent or smell. Prepared initially for professional tasters, this collection will soon be available for amateur wine-lovers as well. It contains high quality odours for pleasant, efficient training to better understand aromas and smells.

15 additional vials contain blends of several odours for training that more closely resembles what happens when we smell wine.

The odours

Most of the Œnoflair odours are of natural origin. Some are the result of creative, lengthy perfumery work, for a result that is as close as possible to reality. Attention to detail is more than a guarantee of quality: it ensures that the accuracy and lifespan (up to 10 years) of Œnoflair odours are significantly higher than for other collections.

The odours included in the collection are listed in the Œnoflair classification.


End of 2017

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The book

Les Parfums du Vin, available in French, describes each aroma in the collection. It is sold in bookshops and on the Internet (publication date, August 2013).
A description of the book